Pedelecs (Pedal Electic Assisted Cycles) or EPACS (Electronic Power Assisted Cycles) are much like bicycles however when pedaling the rider gets progressive assistance from the electric drive system.


There are many different types of electric assisted bike, the most popular and highest selling pedelec is the sub 250 watt pedelec/ sub 25 kmh bike.This lower power vehicle does not have to be type approved like motorised vehicles and is regulated through CEN standards,  it is seen as essentially a bicycle by all public authorities.


These bikes have an assisted motor of up to 250 watts and a speed of 25 kph before the motor cuts out.


There are also higher powered pedelecs which are regulated within type approval, even though they are pedal assisted they are viewed as motorised vehicles by the EU authorities.


For more information you can find the relevant EU legislation here.