Dear Backers,

Past few months were busy and exciting. We have done 10 Joyrides and many of you came to test the Smart Wheel for the first time. Components ordered in May have been produced and most are already delivered to our production in Italy. We have optimized the production and setup the assembly. And we have made a shipping plan that will most likely enable us to deliver the Smart Wheels with no additional cost to you.


Joyride tour was a huge success. We had 10 joyrides in following cities: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Zurich, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, London, and Paris.

Altogether there was an amazing 1,084 joyride participants.

It was really nice to meet, talk and get a great feedback from you. Thank you all for joining the joyride.

Here are some of quotes from the joyriders:

“The Joyride has been beautiful and gave me the feeling back that we all get a wonderful piece of technology“ by Andreas from Hamburg

“The wheel performed admirably and looks very elegant. It is also very light.” by Linda from Los Angeles 

“I tried the wheel in San Francisco. I was impressed it was every bit as good as it was stated to be.“ by Gregg from San Francisco 

“It does the job very well: Very light: You don’t even notice there is an extra motor attached on your bike when cycling or carrying. Low noise operation (I think people around didn’t even notice I was running on an electric bike). Very discreet (almost invisible) installation (zero wires, as promised - the only one system like this in the world I guess). Beautiful quality finish (metal, integrated led, outlet in the wheel axis well protected…). Smooth operating: no shots or saccades. Efficient: It helps when needed and it disengages instantly when you don’t need it : I think it will permit a relatively long usage when appropriately tuned with the 3 different parameters : top speed / percentage of “help” and braking/regenerating efficiency. Easy to learn: pedaling forward (as usual) to get help from the motor. Pedaling backward to “break” (rather a speed reducer, cause you can’t really stop the bike with it when you are biking at a normal speed : need another break). “ By Jean-Baptiste from Paris

You can find more details about Joyrides on our FacebookTwitter or Tumblr.


We have improved the way you can control the Smart Wheel with the app. Previously the FlyKly app was only able to set the top assisted speed of the Smart Wheel. Now you will be able to set the top assisted speed (0-25km/h or 0-16mph), Assistance level % and Motor brake level %. This enables you to personalize the Smart Wheel to your own needs. iOS and Android app.


In May we have placed an order for components. For the past few months they were being produced and delivered to our production in Italy. We are testing each component to be up to quality standards and in beginning of September we will start to assemble and ship the first Smart Wheels.

In production, we have optimized the production process by adding the aluminum injection mold for the housing. Previously we have been working with CNC machines to produce the aluminum housing. With an injection mold we will produce the housing much faster and more efficiently.

Aluminum injection mold sampleAluminum injection mold sample

In order to optimize the production and assembly we will produce Smart Wheels in color batches. First two colors produced will be our most popular White and Silver. Other colors will take longer to be produced due to smaller quantities. The Glow in the dark takes an extra step in production process therefore it will be arriving last. At the moment we have assembly capacity of 80 units a week in order to assure the highest quality of your Smart Wheel. By time, we will be increasing the assembly capacity by optimizing the production and assembly process further.


We had to make some corrections on the injection molds for the housing of the Smart Light in order to make the production process smoother. On the electronics we had a charging bug. Now the electronics work perfectly as you can see in the video below.

Smart Light production is now on the way. We have all the components prepared (electronics, battery, LED light, and handlebar holder). The Smart Light will start to ship around the same time as the Smart Wheel. Smart Wheel backers will receive the Smart Light together with the shipment of the Smart Wheel.


Due to high cost of production of Smart Wheel, we had to look into different ways to deliver Smart Wheels to you around the world. Our main priority was to find a method to deliver free of charge to you.

The cost of shipping the Smart Wheel by air is expensive because of the packaging weight & volume and lithium batteries. In order to lower the costs of shipping and provide free shipping to you, we have optimized the delivery and assembly process. We will ship by vessel and ground mail. For backers outside of Europe, we will ship only hubs to a destination near you and assemble the wheel there. From there we will ship it by ground mail. This method will take more time but it is the most cost efficient.

Since our production is in Italy and per our color production schedule, the first deliveries will be made by ground mail to EU backers who choose white or silver Smart Wheels.

For North American backers we will produce the hubs and ship them in bulk by container on a vessel to NYC. In NYC we will assemble hubs to wheels and ship them from there. This method will take more time but it is the most cost efficient. Also, with this method there will be no import customs fees and taxes for backers.

For Asian, Australian and rest of the international backers we will deliver the Smart Wheels in similar way as for North American backers.

Due to this shipping methods, we estimate your Smart Wheels to arrive between end of September and February 2015.

If you would like to receive your Smart Wheel earlier there are two steps you can take.

1. Switch to white or silver color.


2. Pay for faster shipping option. We can ship your Smart Wheel with priority mail directly to you from our production in Italy.

If you would like to switch to white or silver color and/or to find out about the costs for the faster shipping please contact us at

Thank you for your understanding and support. We can’t wait to start seeing the Smart Wheels on the streets around the world.

Stay Fly.

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