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Dancing in the Streets

on Sep 16, 2015

Volume 2: Ross Sands, London, UK

He danced for FKA Twigs, Beyonce, Robbie Williams, Kyle Minogue and Rihanna, but the real stage for Ross Sands riding the Smart Wheel by FlyKly is the street.

First Steps. No Second Thoughts.

Ross Sands is a talented young Londoner, who’s got all the moves – he’s been performing his whole life whether it’s dancing or acting on stage. He took on this ride professionally back in 2008 and has since conquered stages and streets all around the world.

One Two Three, Two Two Three.

Commercial work Ross has done over the years includes FKA Twigs, Beyonce, Rihanna, Take That, Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, Pixie Lott, The Saturdays, Future, Elton John and more. He’s also took part in stage shows such as Into The Hoods, Some Like It Hip Hop, Blaze and Thriller Live. Nice line up, we’d say.

All the Right Moves. In All the Right Places.

There is no end to what Ross can do. He mastered an enviable arsenal of dance skills ranging from Ballet, Acrobatics, Street Dance, Freestyle, Hip Hop, Jazz, Jitterbug, Krump, Lindy Hop to Rock n Roll, Salsa and Tap. When he isn’t dancing, acting or riding a bike, Ross hops on his motorbike for an adrenalin rush down the motorway.

May I Have the Last Ride?

Ross always says big Yes to a big challenge. Watch him perform Papi Pacify with FKA Twigs at the Brooklyn Hangar. A memorable performance we truly love. We’ll be following every move he makes and hope we’ll be hearing a lot more about Ross Sands.

Credits: Creative Direction: Jure Pozun; Photography, ACD: Sash Manev

Traveling with the speed of mind

on Apr 28, 2015

Volume 1: Anja Humljan, Ljubljana

Anja Humljan travels every day. Forms, places and states. She explores the space around her and interacts with objects, streets, cities, embracing super structures and smart transitions. And wherever she goes, she journeys with the ease of body and mind.



Anja Humljan, the author of The Urban Yoga project and FlyKly, with its first pedal assist wheel for bicycles, have something in common. They both share the very same passion for exploring urban spaces, pioneering their fields.



The role of an architect is not only to create buildings, but to build bridges between structures and citizens who use them on daily basis. So, Anja went off the yoga mat and out of the architectural office to change the way we feel and think about architectural space and urban environment.



She would take a look around and think – How can I position my body within space, intertwine myself, and mimic the surroundings? The Urban Yoga is an architectural experiment, changing the way we experience every day situations in the city if we focus on our body and senses: re-examining how bodies inhabit urban places, breathing new human-oriented life into the efficient and industrial world of urban architecture and design.



The project is challenging architects to design spaces that are not only visually and technologically stunning, but are designed with human sensory experience in mind. Yoga techniques do an effective job of putting both conscious and subconscious experience of the world into practice.



Just like in yoga, where your body becomes your special space, every urban environment designed with human sensory experience in mind can become a source of positive energy, a place of self-reflection and self-realization.



A place that sparks our imagination, conjures memories, tells stories, and nests our dreams. Environment that brings us back to the world and towards our own sense of being.



Credits: Creative direction: Jure Pozun; Photography: Primoz Korosec